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Medium ($12,000) Annual income $15,000 to $40,000High ($16,800) Annual income above $40,000Don’t consider Social Security benefits

Annual Rate of After
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Average Annual Inflation

(65 year average = 3.2%)


During the first year of retirement the following are assumed:

  • Investment = Savings – first-year expenses

  • Investments do not change at retirement

(a) What is the value of your savings (stocks, bonds and any other liquid assets) at the present time? Please do not use a comma in your amount.

(b) How much money would you estimate you will spend per year during retirement to maintain your current standard of living (in current dollars)? Please do not use a comma in your amount.

(c) The Social Security payment you receive is based on your salary prior to retirement.

(d) On average, how much do you expect your portfolio to earn each year after tax prior to and during retirement?

(e) Inflation varies by year – what estimate would you like to use?

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